Trademark, Patent and Intellectual Property Law

Trademark, patent and intellectual property law refers to all the material and moral rights that can be owned on a work and neighboring rights. Concepts that include the intellectual accumulation of human intelligence and mental creativity, ideas and products ranging from music to literature, from industrial designs to scientific inventions, are included in the scope of Intellectual Property Rights.

In the globalizing world, the rapid spread of international trade, digital marketing and e-commerce has increased the need for domestic and foreign companies to protect the distinctive characteristic aspects of their products and services. In this context, Intellectual Industrial Rights Law has developed rapidly in Turkey.

Companies that carry out the registration and protection of intellectual and industrial property rights, especially trademark, design and patent rights, in accordance with the relevant legislation always take a step ahead in markets where competition is high.

As Erikel & Partners Law Office; together with our expert staff, we provide professional services to companies operating in different fields and individuals who own trademarks, designs, patents or works in all areas of trademark, patent and intellectual property law such as registration, protection, trademark invalidity, trademark infringement, copyrights, industrial designs, patent rights, domain name disputes, protection of trade secrets and fight against piracy.