Insurance Law

In the insurance application, issues such as whether the risk has occurred, whether it is covered by the insurance, the defect situation and its effect on the contract and the recourse of the payment to the defective person cause legal disputes in many of the contracts. In addition, the general financial risk brought about by the insurance activity leads to the fact that the administrations tend to intensively supervise the insurance activities.

In parallel with all these, the change in the Turkish Commercial Code and the Insurance Law, which are the main legislation of insurance, and the regulations, regulations and communiqués related to them, make it extremely important to provide technical legal support regarding the legal dimension of activities in this field. The services we provide in this context are:

*Resolution of legal disputes arising from insurance contracts,

*Ensuring the establishment of the necessary legal structure required by the Law for insurance companies and their agents in relation to the insurance activity,

*Legal applications and the resolution of legal disputes arising from them,

*Providing the necessary legal support in administrative audits related to the field of insurance,

*Making the necessary legal applications for the procedures applied by the administrative institutions and following up the case.