Family and Inheritance Law

Family Law

Disputes arising from family law are frequently encountered types of disputes. As Erikel & Partners Law Office, we protect the rights of individuals who are part of the family with our expert legal staff in family law and provide the most effective legal service to our clients in disputes arising from family law.

As Erikel & Partners Law Office, we provide services to our clients in the following areas of family law among Turkish citizens and foreigners: marriage, engagement, establishment of genealogical ties, divorce, alimony obligations, custody, property regimes between spouses, kinship, adoption, establishment of personal relationship with the child, modification and abolition of personal relationship with the child, children's property, family property and guardianship, in the resolution of disputes in court and in the arrangement of protocols between the parties, the provisions contained in the Civil Code, the Code of Civil Procedure and the relevant international contracts and laws  Within the framework of the privacy of private life, it serves with great care and attention.

In particular, we carefully follow contentious divorce cases, marriage annulment cases, property division cases between spouses, custody cases, alimony and compensation cases. We regularly follow national and international legislation and judicial decisions and provide legal advice to our clients with up-to-date and accurate legal information.

As Erikel & Partners Law Office, in addition to providing litigation services in disputes between the parties, we provide consultancy in the preparation of many family law contracts such as divorce protocol, property regime agreement before and during marriage and similar family law agreements between the parties.

Inheritance Law 

Inheritance law is the rules that regulate the securities and real estate, rights, receivables and debts of the inheritor acquired while he is alive, to whom and in what proportion and in what manner. Inheritance law is based on legal norms that regulate the fate of the deceased's assets. 

Inheritance law is a branch of private law that examines the death-related dispositions that people want to make on their property after their death, and in the event of their death, after the decision of their forfeiture or in the presence of the presumption of death, how their inherited property will be divided among the legal heirs and other heirs, and how and in what order their debts will be paid.

As Erikel & Partners Law Office, we provide case follow-up, consultancy and mediation services for the solution of the problems of our clients arising from inheritance law and we aim to resolve the dispute as soon as possible without economic and emotional damage to the parties.

As Erikel & Partners Law Firm, we provide consultancy in the preparation of "will", "inheritance" and "inheritance waiver" contracts in accordance with the law in line with the wishes of our clients. We also provide consultancy and litigation services for the resolution of disputes arising from inheritance law. In this context, our office provides legal services in cases such as cases of refusal of inheritance, lawsuits arising from the deceased's collusion, cases of division of inheritance, and cases of cancellation of disposition due to death in favor of the heir whose reserved share is violated.