Cultural and Natural Property Law

The Law on Cultural and Natural Property Law is one of the important fields of law concerning construction and zoning law, and the "Law on the Conservation of Cultural and Natural Property" dated 21.07.1983 and numbered 2863 constitutes the main source of this branch of law.

As Erikel & Partners Law Office, we provide legal consultancy and advocacy services to our clients in this area: applications and cases for the cancellation of Protection Board Decisions, applications and cases for the cancellation of the registration decision, disputes regarding the grading of assets, administrative appeals to the decisions taken by the protection regional boards, administrative applications regarding the practices and permits related to the real estate covered by the legislation,  legal consultancy in obtaining the necessary permits for real estate, legal applications against administrative and criminal sanctions imposed due to non-compliance with the legislation, in cases arising from the expropriation of real estate within the scope of the legislation.